Passenger Apps

Every taxi operator has to have an app. The question is, which app is best for you and your customers? Take a look at our Passenger App selection and see which one suits your needs.

How Can I Get More Fares for My Fleet?

Booking Aggregators need your Fleet! They already have the demand, they need your taxi supply today! The Booking Aggregators shown on Marketplace are already connected to the iCabbi Platform, so bookings go direct to dispatch.

There is nothing to pay for this service, simply register your interest and we will connect your system to the Aggregator’s. In no time at all you will be taking lots more bookings!!

What Sort of Payment Systems Are Available?

iCabbi have an ever growing number of Payment Solutions connected to the Platform. The question for you is, what are the right ones for your business?

Some taxi companies are focussed on fraud prevention, while others are more focussed on how quickly the driver can be paid. There are a lot of different factors to take into account when bringing on a payment system. Marketplace lets you explore all of the options available to you and lets you assess which one suits you best.